The Impact of Community Investing

Our model of impact is simple: every dollar that investors place with the Fund goes directly to New York City organizations that are building assets and creating opportunities for disadvantaged New Yorkers. While universally accepted metrics do not exist, we consider a few straightforward quantitative results to develop a sense:

Organization/Investment TypeContact Fund InvestmentsBenefits

Housing & Micro-lenders


40 microloans in NYC

Affordable Housing Developers


Funds leveraged:$4.2mm

Units created: 24

Social Enterprises


9.5% revenue growth y/y

Working Capital


15% net asset growth y/y

What does a micro-loan really do? Mexican immigrant Gladys Remache was rejected by three banks before finding Accion-New York, where she was able to secure a $20,000 loan to expand her five year old restaurant in East Harlem, as reported by the New York Times.

What does affordable housing really do? Because of a New York City Housing Partnership program, middle-income construction manager Margo Fisher-Gouveia was able to purchase a home in Queens without the use of exotic mortgage products or aggressive financing, as reported on