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Home > News > March 31st Senior Investment Note
NOW IS THE TIME to invest in New York City neighborhoods with Contact Fund’s Senior Investment Note.  Contact Fund will be issuing investment notes to accredited investors on March 31st. For more information or a copy of our Private Placement Memorandum, please email or call (212) 209 – 3877.

A Proven Approach

  • Since 2005, Contact Fund has offered a simple, straightforward opportunity for investors to earn a competitive financial return while providing asset-building strategies for NYC communities most affected by the current economic recession.
  • Areas of concentration include affordable housing; capital for small businesses; job creation; and education
  • As a private investment vehicle, Contact Fund acts with more speed and flexibility than banks, foundations or government agencies
  • Contact Fund has a steady track record of investor growth (400 % over the past 3 years)

Low Risk, Market Rate Return

  • Contact Fund has 100% loan repayment by borrowers; its loan portfolio is professionally managed with oversight and approval provided by an independent volunteer loan committee
  • 20% first loss protection is assumed by Founder, Mark Reed, and Preferred Equity Providers
  • Dedicating a portion of one’s overall investment portfolio to Contact Fund’s Senior Investment Note provides asset diversification
  • Liquidity – 6 month and one year notes are available
  • Return – 2.5 % for 3/31/12 Senior Notes

Local Impact

  • Contact Fund’s capital base has been fully recycled back into affordable, flexible, responsive loans deployed in NYC neighborhoods. The numbers on the ground highlight the great work our borrowing organizations have accomplished with the use of that capital:
    • More than 1,184 homes financed
    • More than 40 micro-loans disbursed to small and emerging businesses
    • More than 52 other sources of financing leveraged
    • Projects totaling at least $370.5 million in development costs