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"The sum of casual public contact at a local level is a feeling for the public identity of people, a web of public respect and trust, and a resource in time of personal or neighborhood need.  The absence of this trust is a disaster to a city street."

-Jane Jacobs
The Death and Life of Great American Cities, 1961

Contact Fund Investing Approach

Invest where you live: This ‘place-based’ investing philosophy allows Contact Fund to concentrate capital in under-served neighborhoods throughout New York City.

Leverage a network of high-impact organizations: Established relationships and “on the ground” access to information in community development, finance, academia and progressive philanthropy provide investors with high-quality investment opportunities.

Provide a competitive financial return: Current investors receive a competitive return for a six-month or one-year term.

Bring the voice of the private investor to the table: Connect investors directly to the leaders and funders of high-impact NYC organizations.

Deliver maximum social impact: Provide loans strategically in the capital structure that often make the difference in closing a transaction-- and which can be leveraged by organizations in order to impact a large community of people in the neighborhoods that need it most.